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The official name in international context is Norwegian Paramedic Association (NPA).

The Norwegian Paramedic Association is an independent professional organization of paramedicine practitioners in Norway. The mission of the NPA is to advance the profession and it’s prepresentation troughout Norway, and to advocate for the professional interests of paramedic practitioners across the spectrum of policy areas and practices.  NPA address professional clinicians such as paramedicine practitioners,  paramedics and associated students.

A paramedicine practitioner in Norway currently has an important key role in medical diagnostics, emergency medical intervention, participates in teaching, professional development, research and clinical practice. The purpose of the association is to convey and facilitate a normative professional environment, patient safety, sharing of knowledge and interdisciplinary collaboration.

The association also adress the international community of paramedicine. As practitioners with qualifications in an area of very skilled health work, we should to a greater extent be normative with our own selections and standards as a premise supplier in our own professional environment. 

As a member of the association, you contribute to our growt and development.

For more details contact post@paramedic.no